Eurapco Board Symposium – May the Digital Force be with you..

FACEMAPPING from Me&Maureen Experience Design on Vimeo.

For the Eurapco Board Symposium in Behoust, France, we created a digital world, in which we meet new ways of communicating. Dancers, VR glasses, flying drones and other experiences were leading the participants into the future. We heard about new technologies, we experienced the new self driving car of Tesla, and this all lead to a better understanding of the world we are moving towards. All experiences were hinting at a future where code becomes stronger than words. With a market place with the latest technology, dance, music and lots of other technical highlights.

Team: Erik van Welzen, Caatje van Leeuwen, Lilja Bjork Hermannsdottir, Tamara Roso, FritsJan Smit, Tom Driesen, Robert van Heumen, Coen Witteveen (Typhoon), Martin Boverhof, Roy Gerritsen, Johan de Koeier.






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