SOL Independence Day

Me&Maureen and MOVE created SOL Independence Day (Heineken Company) for Heineken. Me&Maureen was responsible for drama direction, concept and production design. The event was awarded as a winner by EUBEA 2014 as the Best European Event 2014 in 2 categories: Best Business to Internal event and Best Value for Low Budget, in Seville, Spain.We would like to mention that we are grateful for the collaboration with agency MOVE. Credits: Drama director: Maureen Kamphuis, Production Design: Barbara Suters, Performance: The Dutch Factory, Alex Barclay (actor), Stefano Braschi (actor), Erik van Welzen (actor), Lilja Bjork (Dancer) Jan Willem van Balen (actor), Klaas Postmus (actor), Nienke Algra (make up), Robbert van Heumen (sound design), Frits Jan Smit (editor).

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