Step Challenge

Behoust, France, 2016 – For our client Eurapco we created a ‘Step Challenge’: a live game by using Vivosmart HR trackers. Candidates were asked to estimate the amount of steps they would take during the day, and then they were asked to take a wearable and actually have their steps counted. At the end of the day, we selected those answers of individuals whose estimations were right. And also, those ambituous individuals that would take the effort to post some innovative cards, with questions about the future, were rewarded with a gift. Mailboxes were spread throughout the venue and had to be discovered step by step!


Concept: Maureen Kamphuis

Execution: Chantal Theunissen (graphic design), team Eurapco

Duration: During the event

Game facilitators: Tilly Kesting and Kim de Vos

Number of participants: 45


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