Lollieup Experience

LOLLIEUP Le Cocktail Experience at Mediamatic…



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LollieUp at Wongema

Tomorrow LollieUp visits Wongema! Fiona Ivanov is cooking and it is going to be grant!

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IMEX Frankfurt

IMG_9279 IMG_9280

Frankfurt IMEX – We attended with our Meeting Design Family this coloss of trademarket for events and location. Educational sessions on event journey mapping, storytelling, and meeting the giant from Iceland (Game of Thrones). Our event journey started. Impressive was the Green Hat People (Sweden) educational session on future technology at events. Next to this a wonderful dinner with Maarten Vanneste (Fresh dinner) where we were enlightened about multi hub meetings, and were taught how to hug properly by Lubo Tomko. Next to this, we were served wine and bites at the stand of Martin Simek (Icca) and had the honour to be interviewed for EventTV by Maarten Vanneste, Barbara Suters talking about the use of space and objects as part of your event design, Lubo about how to hug properly and me myself had told them about fielding (or, get the audience’s ass up and move them around). Juup de Kanter updated us on the whole event branche, and made these photos.

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Escape from this table


Last week in Würzburg, Germany, we created our first escape table, for a group of 50 distributors of a Dutch international operating company. The game, lasting about 30 minutes, challenged team members of teams of 8 persons, to find the tale behind the objects, illustrated by 2 words of which letters had to be found by opening objects and decoding messages. A wonderful experience, that can lead to inner wildfire, as we discovered. People hovered over each other to find the right clues, and reported back to us that they had a great time. Always wanted to escape from a table? Just call us. We are happy to help you out.


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‘Ik wil gezien worden..’ vijftigplussers aan het woord bij De Werkvloer


Tijdens de UWV inspiratiedagen speelt Bert Walthaus oud manager De Winter: een vitale 50+er, die teleurgesteld is over zijn ontslag na 30 jaar werken. “Kan ik nog wel verder? Of ben ik te oud? vraagt hij zich af. De monoloog is het startpunt voor een gesprek met het gehele publiek, op de Werkvloer. De interactieve sessie, begeleid door Yonathan Keren, bestaat uit het formuleren van standpunten rondom een vraag waarop je zowel ja als nee zou kunnen antwoorden. Ben ik te oud om nog te werken? vraagt De Winter.

De wezenlijke inzichten werden gedeeld en nieuwe acties geformuleerd met de Deep Democracy methode. Een inspirerende sessie voor het UWV op de inspiratiedag in Arnhem. We maakten dit format in opdracht van bureau LIKEWISE.

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How a drone made my day

At our last event camera drone DIY Inspire played a good role, filming the location from above. Attendees were invited to follow a demonstration of this new technological piece.  Frenk Kok of Luchtzinnig assisted us at an international board symposium, in Paris, Behoust. During break out sessions attendees could follow and comprehend how drones are used, and what can be the risk if they take over.

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How creative clients work best

Building Blocks

Creativity is working best, when everyone contributes. We love working for clients who want to be part of it. Who want to know how to get the fire in, the best of people. Who do not sit back and wait. But who create in their minds with you. Building together.

At some companies this is a complete given. The client has ideas, you have ideas and you get into a flow. We love that. We want to be one big creative bubbling team for a while. We stop acting like the supplier versus the client. We are like a theatre company, a rockband

This year at Sol Heineken, we again experienced the value of live experience design and embedding everyone involved. Uplifting.

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From internal events to intimate happenings

Theater is all about conflict, drama, emotions. But a play is a great event, it captivates you and entices you.

And why can’t events be a great play? In the good sense: evoking real thought, amusement, and wonder.

A client recently said: “there was a great intimacy amongst the people in the audience. They really got personally involved…”

Than an event results in real transformation. From internal branding to intimate branding. For better memories. For more impact.

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Waarom we wakker liggen van Fielding the Audience

Design Atrium Hoofdkantoor Pixar
door Steve Jobs

 Steve Jobs was compleet over the top geobsedeerd door het ontwerp van het atrium van Pixar: hij dreef 8 architecten tot diepe crises. Waarom? Omdat hij wist dat een locatie ontwerp zou zorgen dat er ‘toevallige ontmoetingen’ (serendipitous encounters) zouden plaatsvinden, die samenwerking en magie tot stand brachten. Zijn theorie werkte vanaf dag 1. Werknemers die van nature solistisch werkten, kwamen elkaar tegen in het atrium en samenwerking ontstond. Zonder dat Steve Jobs het wist, was hij bezig met Fielding.

Fielding wordt overal toegepast waar er hoge kwaliteit van betrokkenheid en participatie nodig is. In dorpsgemeenschappen vroeger zaten dorpsgenoten in een kring te vergaderen, op een speciale plek buiten het dorp (staat nu vaak een kerk op) In het oude Egypte voerde men rituelen uit in de tempel op een ‘trancevloer.’ Het publiek deed mee met de rituelen. Bij cricket doen ze aan ‘teamfielding’: het juist positioneren van de spelers in het veld. In theater hebben we het over de speelvoer waar we spelers ‘stagen’ en een ‘blocking’ maken.

 De vloer op! TV programma met improviserende acteurs

How to Field Your Audience: serendipitous encounters op je event
Bij live events vinden wij het belangrijk om het publiek van tevoren te ‘fielden.’ We streven ernaar mensen zo neer te zetten dat dit magie en memorabele momenten oplevert en een hoge betrokkenheid. Dit doen we met in ons achterhoofd de kennis van theater performance en moderne dans. Niet alleen de rollen zijn belangrijk (wie zit naast wie) maar ook de locatie zelf, we ontwerpen hem zo dat het leidt tot ontmoeting en activiteit, tot magie, en samenwerking.

‘De Maan’ belevingsruimte ‘

Heb je dus een congres, een evenement, een participatie idee of een social media gebeuren waarbij je een hoge kwaliteit betrokkenheid nodig hebt, denk dan eens aan fielding. En kom je er niet uit, bel ons dan gerust op.

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The AFTER EVENT approach: your office as an experiential world

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.50.56The office of a Cider producing department…

Event design can be wonderfully immersive. At a special organised event visitors hear the story of your product, service, or company and probably get excited about it. However, after the event the carefully selected and probably authentic furniture and objects, are ‘stored’ in unknown store rooms somewhere close to the company. Employees don’t remember what is in store, and will start to look for stuff at the next event or forget about it and start all over again. What to do?

The wonderful world that is called ‘office’

Your office can be a wonderful world, deliciously telling your story and message, by using subtle and tasteful interior design based on your brand. Most modern offices are designed to give employees space, light, and a feel for the company. But the story of the product or brand is hardly ever told by more than a few prints on the wall. Here and there a video screen displaying a commercial. But what about materials and experiences that really convey your brands story? If you are a cider producing company, why not tell the amazing story of the apple or make your visitors try it out to press one? Or if you are displaying the history of your newspaper, why not have real old printing presses around, and make people press a message? This way you get them to experience what you are trying to tell people all day.


To take care of your office after an event is probably the smartest way to capture the excitement of your company’s special day and keep it lasting. Your customers and visitors have been entertained by stories, presentations and networking moments on a special day. Why not maintain that special feeling when returning to the workplace after? That way your office tells the story in a way that cannot be denied.

Want to know more? Keep reading on this blog…



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Change your company? Organize an event

Organizational change can take months. Maybe years. ‘Change is slow’ advisors say and   perhaps they are right. Especially changing hierarchical structures, habits and culture can take time and energy. However, most problematic is the hierarchy and the communication processes to maintain that hierarchy. When change needs to happen, managers and leaders often are standing at the back, seeing ‘their employees change’ and trying to maintain the hierarchy. But great change happens when everyone participates. 

The democratic organization as a rockband or theatre company

Ricardo Semler (SEMCO, Brasil) compared his company SEMCO to a rockband. Every player plays his role, and instrument. There is no hierarchy necessary to make everyone play their best. Ricardo Semlers organisation suffered from hierarchical habits and structures, that did stimulated employees dissatisfaction. Ricardo Semler re-engineered his business and allowed workers to decide on their own work habits, tempo, and salary. Now his employees are more productive, and more happy. Semco had annual revenue of 212 million a year as of 2003.

Organize a game changing event and earn great result

If you want to re-engineer a product or procedure, why not start with organising a beautiful democratic gathering. A game changing event. An afternoon for your own rockband or your company. Just try it out. Implement great moments of communication, democratic decision making, great atmosphere and storytelling and see how your company  changes before your eyes. Experience design for change.

After this make sure every change gets established. Decide on the event, execute after the event. Your strategy will be heard much better, and your message will be carried out. With enthusiasm. Applaud will follow by your clients. Just like the Rolling Stones.

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Me&Maureen wins Best European Event Award in Seville

Me&Maureen wins Best European Event Award 2014 in 2 categories

With Victor Neyndorff from MOVE

We worked for agency MOVE for SOL INDEPENDENCE DAY for Heineken.

The event was held at a former military fortress, located at an island surrounded by sea. The location served as a tool to enhance a truly revolutionary experience. By transforming the fortress into the world of Sol, attendees were fully immersed. Interior design led back to the time of the Mexican revolution, when Sol started. Actors and experience rooms led to marketing knowledge of the current campaigns. By eliminating Powerpoint and Stage presentations, the event became a space of interaction and real time knowledge sharing. Owners of local businesses, like barbers and foodtruckchefs were brought in to inspire. The event built up to a moment of decision: at departure, all attendees were asked to join. Those who were ready for Sol signed their personal declaration of Independence. 94% signed up

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