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Are you looking for ways to engage your audience?

Do you want to improve your events?

Do you want your events to have a high impact?

Are you looking for an event story?

Take a look at the events you are currently organizing: are you excited about giving them a new focus? Would you like to bring in elements for audience participation? Why not create a better event scenario and have a smooth flow, a fabulous 3D story and high impact.

We have a lot of experience in creating impactful storyboards for events. We use all kinds of ways to create a story that people remember by adding entertainment, giving powerful presentations or writing your event script.

Example of EventCanvas for our winning Sol case (Heineken) generated by Eventmodelgeneration.


The developing experience for participants is drawn in the middle, consisting out of 7 steps like:

1.    Emotional world
2.    Roles or cast
3.    Emotional flow: 5 phases
4.    Fielding
5.    Path of development: plots
6.    Dynamic
7.    Rhythm or pulse

7 Steps that lead you to a perfect impact of your event, designed carefully like a movie into scenes. Every storyboard can be started from these 7 factors. Let us create them for you!


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