“We wanted to do something fun, that would also have a serious message. We played scrabble! Participants created words around the theme of our event and were immediately engaged in the topic!”  Miranda Orij

Are you an event organizer, a project manager or coördinator?

  • Do you need inspiration or new ideas?
  • Do you want your events to generate high impact?
  • Are you struggling to find the right ideas for music, audience setting, or interaction?
  • Would you like to learn about what really excites your target audience?
  • Are you looking for a more playful program?
  • Do you want your event to have more social break outs then lunch and/or drinks?

The most important element for every succesful event, is the energy of the attendees. Live meetings are gatherings where people walk, move, laugh out loud, network, play and act social. Why make attendees sit for hours and hours in dry presentations of experts that last too long? Why fill your program with content elements only, and let people network in very traditional ways, like during lunch? Why do it the same way every year?

Great events bring people together, emotionally, physically and mentally. If you want to touch their hearts and minds, you need to bring in an element for all levels. If you want to pursuade them, then you might want to wrap your message in a game. Event organizers are often afraid not to look ‘professional,’ resulting in a lack of playful elements that generate fun, energy and spirit. Why not bring your message in a new way? Impact is generated by experiences that surprise or wake people up. That is why a game often leads to the result event organizers have in mind.


  • You feel succesful and satisfied
  • Attendees will rate your work positive
  • Your message will be remembered and spread
  • You will be able to inspire attendees and generate revenue
  • You can really act out what your core values say you do
  • Attendees will want to come back next year
  • You will have a better business result

In a Table Session I will help you design a great game or interactive moment that brings people together around your (brand) message. This design you can use more often. If you can describe how guests will walk out and with what feeling, then it will be so great designing this. Games and elements that I can help you with:

  • Games that function as a conversation starter about your brand or company, like a quiz.
  • Games that can be played in groups, like ‘goose board’ (ganzenbord) to get to know your brand
  • Games that generate insight in a certain topic: to make clear what the problem is that you are solving
  • Games that entertain, actors that make you laugh or give you energy
  • Games that simulate a situation, like role play, play back theater or a ‘fake’ setting in which you play
  • Elements that give your event an extra charisma, technological game, board game
  • Mystery games, like escape room, that are competitive and meant to improve collaboration
  • Games that are like a quest: a journey through a city, mystery solving
  • Storytelling

With these kind of interactive elements, you can convey your message clear and simple. Lots of event organizers think this is all very complex stuff, but it can all be done with the means that you  have. If you are interested, give me a call at +31 6 48967133 or e-mail me at