Speech coaching


Do you want to feel more confident on a stage? Would you like to understand how you can stay fully present, and not be hindered by nerves?

Public speaking can be frightful at times. Critical audiences, time pressure or your own lack of confidence can hinder you making a splendid impression.

I can help you improve your speech and structure your story, so you will wow your audience.

Over the years I have worked with many clients who wanted to learn how to present. I helped them overcome emotional blocks, voice problems, physical awkwardness or simply said, shyness. Hereby I use theater techniques and my own professional experience.

The last 10 years I coached managers, board members, team leaders, singers, actors and other professionals needing to present regularly. It has been great fun and has been effective so I believe.

So if you need help, just give me a call or email us: maureen@meandmaureen.com