Do you want to feel more confident on a stage?

Would you like to overcome nerves and feel relaxed?

Are you struggling with your story?

Would you like people to be touched or moved by your performance?

Do you want to know the secret of using space, your voice or other elements that make it last?

Public speaking is for many people a nerve wrecking activity. When you ask them why, they mention often things like ‘all those critical eyes that look at you… I feel pressure everywhere, or I am afraid of saying something wrong…’¬† There are many reasons why performing on stage can be stressful.

The last 10 years I direct and coach people wanting to improve their performance: whether it is overcoming nerves, or staging a fun scene or whether they need a good script. I help them improving their speech to wow the audience. Based on my director’s work and work in corporate setting, I developed a way to direct/coach you on how to be impactful, charismatic and yet relaxed.

This is what I can offer you:

a. A clear structure or plot in your story, that takes your audience in.

b. Insight in your own strengths like voice, body and/or emotional impact.

c. Special performance techniques to make a great connection with your audience, for awards, pitches or contests

d. A staging that fits you, and that makes people remember you…

The results are a bigger impact of your voice, or your complete body language. Also you will understand how to use the space you are in, what you can do to make yourself comfortable  in that space and how you can relate to the listeners.

Over the years I have worked with dozens of presenters or speakers, nationally and internationally, who wanted to improve their skills. I helped them overcome emotional blocks, voice problems, physical awkwardness or simply said, shyness. Clients were confident, playful and winners (often winners of awards) and felt suddenly the flow of being on stage like performers have. Hereby I use theater techniques and my own professional experience.

This is what clients have said (a selection):

“Maureen helped us creating a scene on stage, which we wanted to act out together. She rehearsed with us and helped us write the lines so we would be funny and serious at the same time. She was very open and enthusiastic to work with and we had a great performance that day…” W.H. – Heineken International Company

You made us look bigger than we really are, thank you very much, it was wonderful working with you…” D. Shoemack

“Ik was verbaasd over de oplossingen, dat je niet altijd volgens de regels hoeft te presenteren maar ook vrijheid hebt om te doen wat bij je past…” A. de Haan

The last 10 years I coached managers, board members, team leaders, singers, actors, lawyers and juridical office members, actors, musicians and other professionals who wanted to improve their performance . It has been great fun!

If you are interested: