Change your company? Organize an event

Organizational change can take months. Maybe years. ‘Change is slow’ advisors say and   perhaps they are right. Especially changing hierarchical structures, habits and culture can take time and energy. However, most problematic is the hierarchy and the communication processes to maintain that hierarchy. When change needs to happen, managers and leaders often are standing at the back, seeing ‘their employees change’ and trying to maintain the hierarchy. But great change happens when everyone participates. 

The democratic organization as a rockband or theatre company

Ricardo Semler (SEMCO, Brasil) compared his company SEMCO to a rockband. Every player plays his role, and instrument. There is no hierarchy necessary to make everyone play their best. Ricardo Semlers organisation suffered from hierarchical habits and structures, that did stimulated employees dissatisfaction. Ricardo Semler re-engineered his business and allowed workers to decide on their own work habits, tempo, and salary. Now his employees are more productive, and more happy. Semco had annual revenue of 212 million a year as of 2003.

Organize a game changing event and earn great result

If you want to re-engineer a product or procedure, why not start with organising a beautiful democratic gathering. A game changing event. An afternoon for your own rockband or your company. Just try it out. Implement great moments of communication, democratic decision making, great atmosphere and storytelling and see how your company  changes before your eyes. Experience design for change.

After this make sure every change gets established. Decide on the event, execute after the event. Your strategy will be heard much better, and your message will be carried out. With enthusiasm. Applaud will follow by your clients. Just like the Rolling Stones.

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