The AFTER EVENT approach: your office as an experiential world

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.50.56The office of a Cider producing department…

Event design can be wonderfully immersive. At a special organised event visitors hear the story of your product, service, or company and probably get excited about it. However, after the event the carefully selected and probably authentic furniture and objects, are ‘stored’ in unknown store rooms somewhere close to the company. Employees don’t remember what is in store, and will start to look for stuff at the next event or forget about it and start all over again. What to do?

The wonderful world that is called ‘office’

Your office can be a wonderful world, deliciously telling your story and message, by using subtle and tasteful interior design based on your brand. Most modern offices are designed to give employees space, light, and a feel for the company. But the story of the product or brand is hardly ever told by more than a few prints on the wall. Here and there a video screen displaying a commercial. But what about materials and experiences that really convey your brands story? If you are a cider producing company, why not tell the amazing story of the apple or make your visitors try it out to press one? Or if you are displaying the history of your newspaper, why not have real old printing presses around, and make people press a message? This way you get them to experience what you are trying to tell people all day.


To take care of your office after an event is probably the smartest way to capture the excitement of your company’s special day and keep it lasting. Your customers and visitors have been entertained by stories, presentations and networking moments on a special day. Why not maintain that special feeling when returning to the workplace after? That way your office tells the story in a way that cannot be denied.

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