Me&Maureen wins Best European Event Award in Seville

Me&Maureen wins Best European Event Award 2014 in 2 categories
With Victor Neyndorff from MOVE

We worked for agency MOVE for SOL INDEPENDENCE DAY for Heineken.

The event was held at a former military fortress, located at an island surrounded by sea. The location served as a tool to enhance a truly revolutionary experience. By transforming the fortress into the world of Sol, attendees were fully immersed. Interior design led back to the time of the Mexican revolution, when Sol started. Actors and experience rooms led to marketing knowledge of the current campaigns. By eliminating Powerpoint and Stage presentations, the event became a space of interaction and real time knowledge sharing. Owners of local businesses, like barbers and foodtruckchefs were brought in to inspire. The event built up to a moment of decision: at departure, all attendees were asked to join. Those who were ready for Sol signed their personal declaration of Independence. 94% signed up

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